Fields of Research of the Radiation Physics Group
Solid State Dosimetry
  • Optically Stimulated Luminescence with BeO, Development of the dosimetry system BeOmax
  • Development of active radioluminescence und optically stimulated luminescence probes
  • Thermoluminescence dosimetry
Radiation Transport Calculations
  • Development of the Radiation Transport Program AMOS for coupled electron photon transport
  • Implementation of neutron transport into AMOS for coupled neutron photon transport
  • Development of the transport program STOPOW for ion transport
  • Calculation of radiation transport problems for radiation protection, medicine, detector physics...
  • Application of additional Monte-Carlo-Programs: PENELOPE 2011, MCNP 6.1, MCNP-X 2.7.0, PHITS 2.23, Fluka 2011.2b, TART2012
Medical Physics
  • in vivo and in vitro dosimetry
  • System development
Radiometry and Spectrometry
  • Gammaspectrometry with different HP-Ge detectors
  • X-Ray fluorescence analysis
  • Identification and determination of activity
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