Fields of Work
Radiation Transport Calculations
Radiation Measurement
Radiation Measurement
Irradiation Performances
Photonenbestrahlungsstr. There are various nuclide sources for photon irradiation, i.e. 137Cs and 60Co, as well as different X-Ray machines. Further, irradiations with light ions at the Helmholtzzentrum Dresden-Rossendorf are possible.
Measurement and Analysis
Canberra HP-Ge Detektor For the dosimetry of photon radiation, various ionisation chambers and solid state detectors for dose and dose rate measurement are in hand. With our high purity Germanium detectors, a spectromety and activity determination of invironmental samples is possible. X-Ray fluorescence analysis for non-destructive testing is possible. For specific tasks, the development of new detectors or measurement systems is possible, also in co-operation with our research partners.
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