Bachelor Theses
The complexity of our tasks for bachelor theses is limited according to the short 3 months working period. Nevertheless, they are drawn from our ongoing research activities and therefore currently updated: Current Bachelor Theses
We recommend to contact the corresponding supervising tutor as soon as possible.
Master Theses
We offer themes for Master Theses within our current research (see diploma theses). The working period is 5 months. Therefore, basic background should be the specialisation lectures and internship of the institute for nuclear and particle physics. If not accounted for, the re-orientation into radiation physics matter must not be underestimated. Of course, also students from different, related fields of study (i.e. neclear energy engineering, medicine physics, radiation protection, ...) are invited to carry out their masters in our working group.
For information, please contact PD Dr. J. Henniger, M. Sommer or U. Reichelt.
Diploma Theses
There are always up-to-date tasks in all fields of investigation
  1. OSL:
    • environmental dosimetry
    • β-Dosimetrie
    • 2-D space resolved dosimetry for therapy, diagnosis and radiation protection
  2. TL-dosimetry:
    • neutron albedo dosimetry
  3. development of fiber-optic RL and OSL dosimetry sensors
  4. radiometry for industrial applications
  5. development of new measuring systems
  6. radiation transport calculations
    • for electrons, photons, neutrons and ions
    • development of fast algorithms
    • interdisciplinary tasks in case of theoretical and/or computer physics interests
For information, please contact PD Dr. J. Henniger, M. Sommer or U. Reichelt.
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