Fields of Work
Radiation Transport Calculations
Radiation Measurement
scientific / technical services to offer
  • Radiation field and shielding calculations for nuclide sources, electron accelerators, and X-Ray and stray radiation sources (see Radiation Transport Calculations)
  • Software development for the dosimetry at "inner" irradiations with light ions or α-particles, i.e. in voxel geometries
  • Partner for irradiation tasks with light ions or α-particles
  • Development of custom-built detectors or measurement probes (β, positron, soft Gamma- and X-Ray radiation) in cooperation with our co-operation partners
  • Field calculation for Brachy therapy sources
  • Radiation transport calculations for ion radiation (i.e. α-radiation in circuits etc.)
  • activity measurements of environmental samples for research purposes, i.e. dating
    (no officially appointed expert measurements for the execution of the Radiation Protection Regulations (StrlSchV) - for such tasks please contact a measuring agency)
  • technical qualification seminars subject to Radiation Protection Regulations (StrlSchV/RöV)
  • Courses about the application on Monte Carlo Techniques
  • photon irradiations (specifications on demand)
subject corresponding person
Dose and dose rate measurement of photon radiation PD Dr. Henniger
Dipl.-Phys. M. Sommer
γ and X-Ray irradiations PD Dr. Henniger
Dipl.-Phys. M. Sommer
Dipl.-Phys. U. Reichelt
Activity determination for material samples via gamma spectrometry PD Dr. Henniger
Dipl.-Phys. M. Sommer
Irradiation of material samples with ions, high or low flux PD Dr. Henniger
Dipl.-Phys. U. Reichelt
Radiation transport calculations PD Dr. Henniger
Dipl.-Phys. U. Reichelt
Dipl.-Phys. D. Sommer
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